Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Hello. Hi. How are you? Well I hope you're well either way.
So.  This week I have been spending a worrying amount of time on Youtube. There's no problem with that really, but it's not so great when you're not sticking to your priorities. Anyhow besides the immdediate impression that this might give, Youtube is not always useless. For instance, there are a lot of interesting things you can learn from Youtube, for example - that some cats actualy aren't scared of water! Ok ok, that's pointless, I know. But here were some great Youtubers who, if you haven't seen them yet, are great entertainment, so that you don't always have to resort to watching regular tv - like me.

Bethany Mota/ Macbarbie07

Three words: fashion, beauty, fun.
 She's adorable, take's a great video and has cute ideas for anything. Perfect for any girly girls.


She's quirky, fun, creative and can turn anything that would normally be boring into something exciting! Here's an example of one of her great videos.

Sam Pepper.
I don't even need to elaborate, just watch a video.


You should all know this girl :)

If not it's Zoella... <3

Danisnotonfire + JacksGap

Bryarly Bishop


Not only funny but awesome advice!

There are so many more, but once you know one the chain of Youtuber's starts.. then you will know many more awesome people. :)

Ciao Cupcakes.

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