Saturday, 8 June 2013

Exam Cravings

Now, personally I think I have a pretty balanced diet. I'm not afraid of sugar, but I love my fruits and vegies. Not to mention my love for chicken. And of course there's no harm in a bit of sweetness when you know you're gonna keep it balanced, or work out during the week.
Besides the uneccesary logic, there are just certain things that I can't help but crave during exams. I'm sure I am not alone in this, because it just seems to be the time when you are too lazy to care.
Here are some examples of the *delicious poison.

*Oh sorry I mean, guilty pleasures.

Donuts. Not only are they yummy, but they are pretty too.

Chinese. Oh the sauce...

Who can resist ice cream? I mean really. On the coldest of days, I would not reject ice cream.

French Fries. Do I even need to elaborate?

 isnt it beautiful?

Clearly I have more fo a sweet tooth...
wow ok, going to stop.. who else is hungry now?

Anyway! Here are some things I have found that can help for cravings, and sticking to a healthy diet. Personally they do work - but depends on your overall taste in foods, how good or bad your diet might be, and your motivation to do things that help. 

  • Drink water! A LOT of water!
  • Blueberries KILL cravings.
  • Don't eat because you're bored!
  • Go do something! Run, youtube, go for a drive - anything! This will keep you occupied, and if you truly are hungry get something good - a balanced meal! If you can have a whole healthy meal you can reward yourself with something yummy afterwards. 
  • If you feel like something salty, you probably need protein. So make youself a good chicken sandwhich, or grill up some chicken or steak. It really depends if it's just a snack, or a meal.
  • But always remember - don't over eat! This will just make you run back to get more, and probably leave you feeling stuffed and throw off your meal times. Which brings me to the next point...
  • It's better to snack HEALTHY through out the day, rather than have BIG meals! It means you will be full the whole day, and again, won't throw off your appetite. 
Disclaimer: These are just TIPS. I am in no way a proffesional so if these do not work for you then don't try them! How you eat is your responsibility.

OK! Enough with the serious! I still have an essay to write, so I bid you farewell cupcakes, have a fabulous day. 

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