Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Alone Girls Night

Warning: having a girly moment. 

Tonight I am obsessing about the wonderful Vampire Diaries, and as terrible as I am with keeping up with things that are "in" I have only just begun to follow the series.
And this is when I ask myself - what have I been doing with my life??? 
How was I missing the hype surrounding this wonderfully plot twisting, heart throbbing, beautiful series that IS Vampire Diaries. 
Seriously how? 
Anyway I've got my delicious hot coco, pink nail polish and several candles burning, which is always relaxing when you've had a rough week. Thus I conclude by saying whoever has had a bad day indulge in whatever you like to do when your feeling down, there's nothing wrong with pampering yourself even if you're a guy.. Though I've not heard many admit to it - but even if its playing video games or whatever. 
What ever issues are taking a toll on your minds well being remember that: 
If you can't fix it
Why worry? There's no point creating your own problems just by being worried. 
If you can fix it?
Do so! 

Sweet dreams Cupcakes
 Ps. I'm sorry if you don't like toes >.<

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Missing Europe

It's been over a month ago since I was on my school Europe Trip. And it feels like it was just days ago.

When I think about all the things we saw, did, and the amazing experience it was, I feel so gratefull to have gone. Things are different when you live somewhere because it is almost too familiar and becomes extremely boring, so when people come from overseas and want to see your home it feels almost ridicuous when you show them things like schools or parks, and they have big reactions to the smallest things.

I know I did when I went to Europe. 
Everything that was different felt like a monumental change, and I guess I am happy that some humans don't adapt that easily, because how else could you enjoy the experience? 

Some changes that really affected me was not only the fact that they drove on the "wrong side" of the road, but the people themselves. Culture is a powerfull thing and you can only really live it if you get out and observe the world. I remember in London, the amount of times people would bump into me and not say excuse me. I'm not saying they are rude, and did I mention I'm quite small? But it happened so frequently I pretty much started thinking that, that is simply an acceptable thing to do in London. Perphaps it was just the crowds and my unaverage height difference, but small things like that really do affect your persepctive. 

It is interesting to see how in different parts of the world people either contradict their cultural stereotypes, or reinforce it. I would like to hear other people's opinions about their stereotypes and how you've come to deal with the assumptions from others - for me personally, because I am South African & Australian I've both been asked if I ride kangaroo's or if I had lions in my backyard. It is quite funny though when people ask me things like that, and I suppose you can't blame anyone because unless you've geniunely made an effort to find out about places, travelled or been told by teachers or others, you wouldn't know would you? 

I guess that's why social media comes in handy, or you know - google. 

Anyway for anyone who hasn't been, here's an ACTUAL photo of ACTUAL Switzerland that I ACTUALLY took. I am quite happy I can finnaly say that. 

Oh how I miss it.