Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Hello. Hi. How are you? Well I hope you're well either way.
So.  This week I have been spending a worrying amount of time on Youtube. There's no problem with that really, but it's not so great when you're not sticking to your priorities. Anyhow besides the immdediate impression that this might give, Youtube is not always useless. For instance, there are a lot of interesting things you can learn from Youtube, for example - that some cats actualy aren't scared of water! Ok ok, that's pointless, I know. But here were some great Youtubers who, if you haven't seen them yet, are great entertainment, so that you don't always have to resort to watching regular tv - like me.

Bethany Mota/ Macbarbie07

Three words: fashion, beauty, fun.
 She's adorable, take's a great video and has cute ideas for anything. Perfect for any girly girls.


She's quirky, fun, creative and can turn anything that would normally be boring into something exciting! Here's an example of one of her great videos.

Sam Pepper.
I don't even need to elaborate, just watch a video.


You should all know this girl :)

If not it's Zoella... <3

Danisnotonfire + JacksGap

Bryarly Bishop


Not only funny but awesome advice!

There are so many more, but once you know one the chain of Youtuber's starts.. then you will know many more awesome people. :)

Ciao Cupcakes.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Exam Cravings

Now, personally I think I have a pretty balanced diet. I'm not afraid of sugar, but I love my fruits and vegies. Not to mention my love for chicken. And of course there's no harm in a bit of sweetness when you know you're gonna keep it balanced, or work out during the week.
Besides the uneccesary logic, there are just certain things that I can't help but crave during exams. I'm sure I am not alone in this, because it just seems to be the time when you are too lazy to care.
Here are some examples of the *delicious poison.

*Oh sorry I mean, guilty pleasures.

Donuts. Not only are they yummy, but they are pretty too.

Chinese. Oh the sauce...

Who can resist ice cream? I mean really. On the coldest of days, I would not reject ice cream.

French Fries. Do I even need to elaborate?

 isnt it beautiful?

Clearly I have more fo a sweet tooth...
wow ok, going to stop.. who else is hungry now?

Anyway! Here are some things I have found that can help for cravings, and sticking to a healthy diet. Personally they do work - but depends on your overall taste in foods, how good or bad your diet might be, and your motivation to do things that help. 

  • Drink water! A LOT of water!
  • Blueberries KILL cravings.
  • Don't eat because you're bored!
  • Go do something! Run, youtube, go for a drive - anything! This will keep you occupied, and if you truly are hungry get something good - a balanced meal! If you can have a whole healthy meal you can reward yourself with something yummy afterwards. 
  • If you feel like something salty, you probably need protein. So make youself a good chicken sandwhich, or grill up some chicken or steak. It really depends if it's just a snack, or a meal.
  • But always remember - don't over eat! This will just make you run back to get more, and probably leave you feeling stuffed and throw off your meal times. Which brings me to the next point...
  • It's better to snack HEALTHY through out the day, rather than have BIG meals! It means you will be full the whole day, and again, won't throw off your appetite. 
Disclaimer: These are just TIPS. I am in no way a proffesional so if these do not work for you then don't try them! How you eat is your responsibility.

OK! Enough with the serious! I still have an essay to write, so I bid you farewell cupcakes, have a fabulous day. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Why not DIY?

It has come to that time again. The long weekend is over and there is work to be done. But not to mention the many essays that plague my thoughts, there are still exciting projects and things to be done, and that is what's keeping me looking forward for the rest of the week. But hey, maybe not just the week - the rest of the year.

I have been spending the day doing obsessive research on the internet, finding good DIY's to get going with. So far I have come up with a few more that will definitely be interesting to do. My sister and I have posted a little clip on Youtube showing our creation of a Marble phone case, and it was such a cute little project - especially seeing how it turned out. So for the next few weeks I will post every little crafty thing we do, and maybe it will be inspiring for others to see what you can create.

It is good to have a little distraction through out your weeks, to break the every day routine that sometimes, gets exhausting and boring. Instead you can have a little fun with something new every week.

The video is not brilliant - but have a look how easy it is to do!

Marble Phone Case DIY

Ciao Cupcakes.