Friday, 16 August 2013


Last night I attended and performed in what would be my very last school talent show, what we all Artsfest. 
Having been at the same school for seven years now it is all ending very, very soon - and the reality has hit. 
It was an amazing night especially to see all these kids contributing and showing courage by sharing their talents with everyone, and it reminds you that everyone starts off some way or another. 
So with this I thank those people everywhere who have the courage to perform in front of others, no matter the size of the audience, and those who help in making a beautiful and entertaining world were people can express their talents without feeling threatened. 
There are times you feel judged by others immensely, but there is no greater courage than getting on a stage or just doing what you love and saying - "Hey! Watch me reach for stars." 

With that euphoric feeling and an utter sadness for it to be over, some of us ended the night in tears - but it is an experience we will never forget, no matter how small it appears to others. 

And here are some of us posing as Thriller dancers. It was quite a night. 


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