Monday, 7 October 2013

The Process of Growing Up

Now I'm not saying that I'm an adult, I'm not saying that I know what classifies as an adult either. Because I'm pretty sure, I've seen even the most mature and "adult people" do very childish things. And there's nothing wrong with that, because even these people are the best.

But there comes a time - well, this time has come for me - when you realize that it's time to "Grow Up."
And it doesn't come easy. You start to realize the world doesn't stop for anybody, and it's time to face the real world and do what's gotta be done.
For instance, realizing that you are not the only important person on this planet. It is an idea and characteristic which probably transferred from your younger, todler years, where everything is about you. This doesn't mean though that every person has encountered the issue in this way, as you may have experienced the opposite effect.

You grew up with your parents your ultimate care givers and they projected onto you their own expectations, and hopes of who you may become. Now the time has come for you to realize that sometimes, it is about you! When it comes to making descisions in your own life you are the one who is going to be dealing with them, so why not have your own say in your life!

If you want to study to be an accountant - do it! If you aspire to become the greatest musician ever - do it! Even if you have a passion about ice cream, and want to have your own ice cream shop - go right ahead! Because when it comes to life, YOU are facing the brutal reality of YOUR OWN descisions. YOU are deciding who to follow in life, whether it be your own expectations, your parents', God's, or even that celebrity you love SO much.

Now keep in mind, for these things to apply - you are probably going to be from the ages of about 17 - 20. (Correct me if I'm wrong and you are much younger or older).
You also have to consider there is a fine line between being diplomatic in your choices, and having such resentment towards your parents for making you do pajeants your whole life (which you hated), to now getting your revenge by being a lazy couch potato.

That being said, a few films that had such an impact on me that I took a look at my own life, include the following.

*WARNING: If you haven't seen the films be careful when reading the subtitles I have written as they might be spoilers to the conclusions*

Girl Interrupted by director James Mangold, story by Sussana Kaysen.

Not for the light hearted, quite heavy but in the end it is a good lesson learnt about facing your own troubles and being thankful for what you've got.

With a similar message and themes, this film is perfect when you are at an overly dramatic and perhaps considered 'Sensitive', stage in your teen years. With themes that are not to be mocked or insulted, Greta learns it's not all about her as you learn as an audience member, to see others in your life as valuable.

Ah, this film. It is my ultimate favourite and if you haven't seen it you are at a loss. The magic about this film is it is not about romance or love but the challenges that come with searching for it. Showing both sides to a misfortunate heartbreak and how love blinds one, it opens your eyes to the beauty that we as human beings posses. Even in a time of sorrow we are the ones with the ability to step away from the pain, and learn to move on.

- And let's admit, Joseph Gordon Levitt is a sweetheart and a badass actor. So who wouldn't want to see him working alongside cutie pie Zooey Deschannel?

There is the book, and there is the film. Apparently the book is better, but I haven't made it to reading it yet to quite find out. If you haven't heard of it then you need to go see it.
You must be wondering how this would relate to an 18 year old, well simply like this: A woman searching for herself through following her dream of travelling through out Italy India and Indonesia, finds in return not only love, but the ability to be loved and not lose yourself within love. A balance, so to speak.

You might be seeing a trend now, with all the films I am posting - and the irony that a lot of the characters have mental illness (or they think they do) - but sometimes when you're young, or any age I guess - you think you're going crazy!

'Nuff said. 

Oh look, it's Emma Roberts - again. Huh. 

In this film you realize that with caring for someone comes great responsibilities. I for one, respect my teachers much more now. It's not even the fact that it is that bad at my school or anything, but you learn that not everyone is out to get you. There are people that care, and sometimes there are places in this world that just don't. But if you are lucky to find those who do genuinely care, stick with them. Things in this life are flawed. It gives you no reason to seek out help to be better. 

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight. 

All of these films teach you the honest truth when it comes to love. It is fragile. It is alive, it is true and it is not afraid. 

And that is it! (For now)

Please leave a comment, come back and read more - and feel free to be honest! Just please not rude. 
Ciao Lovelies. 

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