Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Alone Girls Night

Warning: having a girly moment. 

Tonight I am obsessing about the wonderful Vampire Diaries, and as terrible as I am with keeping up with things that are "in" I have only just begun to follow the series.
And this is when I ask myself - what have I been doing with my life??? 
How was I missing the hype surrounding this wonderfully plot twisting, heart throbbing, beautiful series that IS Vampire Diaries. 
Seriously how? 
Anyway I've got my delicious hot coco, pink nail polish and several candles burning, which is always relaxing when you've had a rough week. Thus I conclude by saying whoever has had a bad day indulge in whatever you like to do when your feeling down, there's nothing wrong with pampering yourself even if you're a guy.. Though I've not heard many admit to it - but even if its playing video games or whatever. 
What ever issues are taking a toll on your minds well being remember that: 
If you can't fix it
Why worry? There's no point creating your own problems just by being worried. 
If you can fix it?
Do so! 

Sweet dreams Cupcakes
 Ps. I'm sorry if you don't like toes >.<

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